Spare Parts


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If you're looking for spare parts or extra pieces then you've come to the right place.  Grab an extra paint pot, some more wooden blocks or replace a lost piece from your Tangram set.

After ordering any spare parts you will need to email to specify which parts you need e.g. The red triangle from the Tangram set.  Please list you name and order number in the email and write ‘Spare Parts’ in the subject line of the email.  Thanks!

If you have any trouble ordering what you want then please send us an email at and well have it sorted out for you.

Watercolour Paint colours will be sent as ‘random selection’ unless you specifically request a colour via email.

Options include the following:  Red / Maroon / Orange / Yellow / Light Pink / Light Green / Dark Green / Light Blue / Dark Blue / Purple / Tan / Brown / Grey / Black 


Cant find a spare part?  Don;t worry we have them, but they just might not be listed on the website.  simply get in contact with us and we can arrange to get them to you asap.