colourful stacker scattered across the table with the velcro bag
colourful stacker sitting next to the velcro bag
colourful stacker in the middle and one ring to each side arranged to look like a face
young child playing with the colourful stacker


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There’s something about the colour and clean lines of this activity which draws you in, both child and adult alike.  Simple it may be for an adult, but for the little hands in our lives, it’s rather challenging.


Start them off with a couple of rings of high contrast and don’t stress if they don’t get it right.  Let them practice putting the rings on and taking them off before worrying about the order of them.  Sit back and allow them the time and space to explore the activity to its fullest.  Not only is this great for them, but gives you the much needed space for a time out you deserve. 


We’ve made sure we have sourced environmentally sustainable wood, so enjoy feeling guilt free like us!


If you find these pieces in your child’s mouth, don’t stress, it’s all non-toxic paint.


Why should I buy this?

The tactile nature of wood and the bright colours will stimulate your child visually, mentally and physically.

To develop skills such as

- hand eye coordination and fine motor skills

- intentional grasp and release

- visual perception and spatial awareness


What do I get?

1 wooden stacker base

5 coloured wooden rings

Instruction card

Velcro bag to store contents (approx. 23cm x 16cm)


Best suited to?

Kids aged 1-2 years


International shipping can easily be arranged. Just email us at


This product is tested to meet Australian Safety Standard AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2016 for children aged 18+ months.